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Construct 3 suggestions 21H2 - ARCHIVED

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Compare Time - Action: "Reset Time" (e.g. if time=4 Then Reset the time, Time=0)

Hi there, I think that this option should be there to enable people to create events which are controlled with time. Currently, you don't have an option to reset the time. When a developer add a Compare Time Event the following action doesn't exis...
Guest over 1 year ago in Scripting 2 Already exists

'this' command

When I add a script to the action part of any object, it would be very nice if I could access that object with the "this" command.For example "alert(this.instance_variable);"
Guest 16 days ago in Scripting 0

more events in the free version?

i really want to finish my game but i don't have enough money to buy the full version and i use the free version and i have no events remaining. so is it possible for the free version to have 100 events instead of 40 because 40 isn't enough :( and...
:3 3 months ago in Scripting 0

Support for other code editors

With the development of AI programming aids, using a code editor that integrates AI capabilities helps to develop more efficiently. Can the official provide services that directly connect to other general code editors, such as vscode?
Guest 4 months ago in Scripting 0 Already exists

Get animation list

Please add a posibility to get the list of animations in a sprite. Why do I need it? For example, I want to select a random animation given a list of all animations: const sprite = runtime.objects.Sprite.getFirstInstance(); const animationL...
Wilson Percival over 1 year ago in Scripting 0

Event listener when any C3 function is called.

Add the ability to catch C3 function calls that are called via events. An example is shown in the screenshot. It's just that if I want to make it possible for users who are not familiar with scripts to interact through C3 function calls, I need t...
Wilson Percival about 1 year ago in Scripting 0

Find and replace feature for strings in the event sheet

Almost all programming tools allow us to find and replace text. Construct has a nice search feature with the shortcut ctrl+f, but it could benefit from the possibility to find and replace strings. Maybe the shortcut for find and replace could be c...
Antti Perälä about 2 years ago in Scripting 3

Get Access UserMedia Video to import other APIs

This idea created when i need to access user media video for tensorflow APIs.On that case i need user media video for background image and convert that video to image data and process to tensorflow APIs (get pose) This is my post when i asking how...
Guest 10 months ago in Scripting 0

Access to sprite.scale and sprite.effect.parameter

I have a project where I play around with the scales of sprites. It would be useful to have direct access to a sprite's scale property, right now I make a instance variable where i store and update the scale manually to be able to make comparisons...
Stef about 2 years ago in Scripting 1 Will not implement

Reset all layers visibility and interactivity action

Right now when the layout is reset, the state of the layers are not reset, and this means adding on every start of layout one by one the state of the layers. An option to "reset layers visibility" and interactivity, will help a lot on the simple t...
Emmanuel Rubio over 1 year ago in Scripting 0