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Map reveal based on line of sight

I'd love to see a map reveal feature (fog of war style) but I envision something that accounts for walls/line of sight. It would look similar to Noita's ( except that it would allow for more ...
igorholi about 1 year ago in Plugins 2

New features for Steam Greenworks "Leaderboard"

I have been trying to improve my already released projects on steam, but the official plugin is extremely limited, being possible only to unlock achievement, collect some user info and activate, check steam overlay. It would be extremely important...
Frederico Oliveira over 1 year ago in Plugins 4

Multiplayer: non obfuscated and commented signalling server

A non obfuscated signalling server with commented code could allow us to more easily modify it, adding features like sending messages to discord, accepting non-multiplayer plugin websockets connections for non-realtime game communication between p...
EleanorjMorel about 2 years ago in Plugins 0 Will not implement

Add ability to (Write & Read) directly into the Devices instead of (Local Storage)

Gives the ability to (Write and Read) into the devices like mobiles, PC, etc..... this will make it easier to Make Updates from our servers into the Games when we need to add new Levels etc.... at the moment we can only save them into Local storag...
tarek2 over 1 year ago in Plugins 3

JSON Enhancements (Better Loops, Ordered Loops and Better Path Expression)

JSON is the most powerful way to manipulate data and allow us to workaround a lot of limitations of Eventsheets. However there a few things making it painful and sometimes inefficient to use, no matter what you do it ends up being really tedious b...
Overboy 10 months ago in Plugins 0

Detailed tutorial for building plugins

Hi, It would be great if there is a detailed and clear tutorial(s) for building plugins just like we have for developing games. It will help lot of people like me to build our own plugins. Thanks in advance. :)
Guest about 2 years ago in Plugins 2 Already exists

9-Patch: load sprite from URL + expose parameters

Description I propose to add 'load sprite from URL' to the 9-Patch object. The Sprite and Tiled Background objects have it. I would expect the 9-Patch object to also have this capability. I propose to add the capability to change the 9-Patch objec...
Richard Lems over 1 year ago in Plugins 1

SVG Object animation support

As the manual currently states it, "SVG Picture currently does not support animations and only shows a static image." What I'd like is the ability to add multiple static SVG images to an SVG Picture object which then display frame-by-frame just li...
Bence Fodor about 2 years ago in Plugins 3

Better handle of errors in AJAX

Would be perfect if AJAX cand handle errors, (Exception error). Because at this time AJAX doesn't return a response if there's an error. And in most of cases the error message comes inside the response, or minimun to add the function to detect and...
Guest 9 months ago in Plugins 0

Realtime switching of Spritefont Image and Character Set

This is simply what the title says, the ability to change the image used for the Sprite Font on the fly, and to update the Character Set at the same time. I'm not sure if there's a limitation preventing this, but I imagine it working the same way ...
Brent Hamel almost 2 years ago in Plugins 0