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Construct 3 suggestions 21H2 - ARCHIVED

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Expressions for effect parameters

There are no options for getting an effect parameter at runtime. I can set them via events, but there is no expression like Sprite.effect("AdjustHSL").parameter(0) to get the currently set effect parameter. So setting an effects parameter to "para...
Wacky Toaster about 1 year ago in Effects 0

Customisable visual quality

Visual quality customisation. Some devices are lower-end, especially mobile devices. But if you optimise games for those devices, higher end devices will be stuck with a lower quality game, and vice versa. Actions for events toggling vsync, changi...
Ethan Scott 12 months ago in Effects 0

New "Scrolling" Pixelate Effect (solving the issue of mixing Pixel Perfect & Smoothness for good)

A New "Scrolling" Pixelate Effect The only thing we would need to achieve a nice mix of Pixel Perfect & Smoothness within the same project is a new Pixellate Effect but that would "scroll" accordingly to the Layer's position on the viewport an...
Overboy over 1 year ago in Effects 0

Ability to change a sprite's color palette through events

Hello, I've been developing retro-styled games with Construct for a while, and something I really love to see is a way to change the color palette of an object! To clarify what I mean with palettes, for example: 8 and 16-bit games commonly had a f...
Luigibonus about 2 years ago in Effects 2

Attach Particle Effects to 3D Billboards

I want to propose the ability to attach particle effect objects to 3D Billboards. This would allow you to display 2D particle effects on a vertical plane.
Guest 3 months ago in Effects 0

X/Y on radial blur effect

Simply add an X/Y parameter for the effect so the centre of the radial blur can be at a different area on the screen instead of forced central. This would make the effect very useful for a variety of graphical effects such as softening the edge of...
Guest 10 months ago in Effects 0

Bloom Effect

a bloom background and bloom layer effect with following exposed properties: -bloom threshold (at which value the pixels get bloom)-strength/opacity of the bloom-bloom radius (how much the bloom spreads) -optionally bloom color
Federico C almost 2 years ago in Effects 2

Vertex shader

We already got mesh feature, so vertex shader option should be made! Maybe as extra feature when mesh is activated.
Guest 11 months ago in Effects 0

Global project/canvas effects

It would be nice to have the option to add global effects, that would render on all layouts with shared parameters. This is mostly useful for brightness/contrast control, or adding greyscale/sepia effect, but I'm sure there are more ways that user...
Guest 12 months ago in Effects 0

color grading or use of LUT

It would be great to have a control of the displayed frame colors by the use of filter based on a LUT. LookUpTables in rendering engines or in a film industry are the perfect example of the idea. A new look of the game would be easily achieved - c...
Tomasz Tekień almost 2 years ago in Effects 0