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Debugger: Instance Filter

I have hundreds of instances, and I need to find specific ones. This is -currently-, time consuming. The use case differs from playtest to another, and making a custom picker/highlighter for each case (using code) is time consuming. Please add a f...
Guest about 2 years ago in Debugger 0

Better Array View in debugger panel

Current the Array view is very unintuitive in the Debugger Panel. Especially if you have multidimensional arrays. The simplest example: ................ Array | Set size to (0, 2, 1) ........For "" from 1 to 5: ................ Array | Push back A...
Guest over 1 year ago in Debugger 0

L Shape Debugger

Currently debugger divides the screen horizontally in half. This wastes a lot of screen area and require a lot of scrolling to see things, which does not work well and is irritating when you have to move back an forth. Currently if i have selected...
Shubham over 1 year ago in Debugger 0

Debugger: Search for Object type

Thanks r294 for the update!! I have a few suggestions: search box can adds some advanced option: only search for Object type. For example I only want to search for objects of type Sprite. Option to hide system\data object type.(Mouse, Keyboard, Ar...
Guest over 1 year ago in Debugger 0

"expression dictionary" style debugger panel

The current debug panel is, in some ways, somewhat inefficient because not all the useful information is in there. For example, the expression information of plugins and behaviors.You have to do some extra work to print the information I think sho...
XHXIAIEIN 12 months ago in Debugger 0

Timeline needs debugger info

The Timeline feature is very nice, but developing with can be difficult. It would be really important to have some basic info regarding the timeline activity available in the debugger. For example, is a certain instance currently playing back on a...
Antti Perälä about 1 year ago in Debugger 0

Have Timers Always Show In Debugger(Whether Active Or Not)

I'm not sure if this would be a possible feature. But, I recently had a lot of trouble trying to troubleshoot a Timer on my Player Object using the Debugger. The issue being, that the Timer Behavior only shows up in the Debugger window when it is ...
Colin Litchfield over 1 year ago in Debugger 0

Add optional images for group customizations.

An image should be able to be added next to the group dropdown titles in the eventsheets for organization and customization.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Debugger 0

In Editor Step Button and Keybind

A comprehensive description: Currently the step button for debugging event sheets after hitting a breakpoint is tied to the game window. It would be a lot more convenient to also have a step button next to the preview button in the editor and a st...
Nick Williams almost 2 years ago in Debugger 0

Instance click to inspect in debug mode

When in debug mode: perhaps a hotkey+click (e.g. alt+right-click?) that open the selected instance's properties in the debug panel. If multiple objects overlap then perhaps a pop-up with a list to clarify the selection.
Matthew Currier almost 2 years ago in Debugger 0