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Construct 3 suggestions 21H2 - ARCHIVED

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Advanced physics behavior with particles like Google Liquidfun library

The need Gives C3 a powerful particle behavior plugin able to give the developers to create liquid or water like effects on desktop or mobile devices. Why we need it Colludium (a well known developer in the C3 community) started to develop a great...
Riccardo Raffo 12 months ago in Behaviors 1

Merge the same behavior

Currently, if an instance object has more than one of the same behaviors(Timer, Tween...), it will very scary to modify in the action event list. I recommend merging them. Add an option to choose which behavior. For example, when I The Sine 'Set e...
Guest over 1 year ago in Behaviors 3

prewarm/preprocess particles

Often you want to create particles emitters with the particles already spawned and after one cycle. This is useful in for example: it should be heavily snowing in the level. Without prewarming the level would always start without snow and only slo...
Federico C about 1 year ago in Behaviors 1

Audio Behavior

When having lots of objects in a scene like plants, platforms, waterfalls, enemies, etc... and I want a different sound attached on each, and different volume or distance volume, I think it would be an easy way to just add this behavior to them an...
Claudiu Vulturar almost 2 years ago in Behaviors 2

Add the `Is ignoring` condition

Currently, only exists the ' Start/Stop ignoring user input ', It is very helpful in many times. However, when I want to judge whether it is user input is ignoring , I have to add an extra variable to judge, which is very tedious. A simple example...
Guest over 1 year ago in Behaviors 0

On Collision Exit

Same thing as On Collision Enter event, but for the Exit.
Fe Angelo almost 2 years ago in Behaviors 0

Mobile controller behaviors for all movement behaviors

It is not so easy to build a quality movement controller.As there is an option to use a default movement in keyboard for movement behaviors like 8 directions and platformer, so there should be an option to do it on mobile as well.
Dany Maor about 1 year ago in Behaviors 0

TileMovement: On-Arrive event

In a recent game, I needed to run some functions when the player finishes a TileMovement move. I had to use IsMoving (inverted) + Trigger once + some other conditions to make it work correctly. A proper On-arrive event would be pretty handy! (simi...
Guest about 2 years ago in Behaviors 0

Upgraded Typewriter Text

C3's typewriter text feature is fantastic, but it's lacking some fundamentals that require complicated workarounds. Game styles where text is a big part of the experience, such as visual novels and retro RPGs, would benefit greatly from more contr...
Guest about 2 years ago in Behaviors 3

Save plugin (opposite of NoSave plugin)

The problem Projects can get really big quickly and with so many different objects it can be difficult and frustrating to keep track of which objects have NoSave and which don't. Moreover, in some cases the ones that need to be saved are only a s...
NicotineLL about 2 years ago in Behaviors 0