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Construct 3 suggestions 21H2 - ARCHIVED

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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 5, 2021

Lock/Unlock Multiplayer Room

Currently, multiplayer rooms can only be locked if they're "full" (at the max peer count). But there are many instances where the host would want to lock a room with fewer players. For example, starting a game with three players, despite the max peer count being four or more. Or if a player disconnects while a game is in progress, you don't want them rejoining until the game is over.

Giving hosts control over when a room is locked/unlocked will help many multiplayer ideas come to life that can't right now (not without some complex workarounds, anyway, which feels very non-construct). There have been some forum discussions in the past that involve heavy work to keep players from joining rooms.

The lock/unlock feature currently exists, so we know that it's important. This idea is to remove its limit by being tied to peer count, and let the lock/unlock feature be used at the user's discretion.

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