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Status Will not implement
Categories Scripting
Created by Stef
Created on Aug 6, 2021

Access to sprite.scale and sprite.effect.parameter

I have a project where I play around with the scales of sprites. It would be useful to have direct access to a sprite's scale property, right now I make a instance variable where i store and update the scale manually to be able to make comparisons to it.

Same goes for giving access to effect parameters. I change the hue of sprites through effect parameters, I have to create instance variables for each parameter in order to be able to retrieve the current value for object picking.

I don't see why I could not have direct access to these parameters through the system since they are already associated with the sprite.

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  • Admin
    Ashley Gullen
    Aug 9, 2021

    Sprites don't have a single scale value. There is a separate scale for each axis. For example what should the scale be if it is twice as wide but half as tall? You can assign a scale to both axes, but you can't read back the scale from both axes as they may be different. Due to this problem, declining this suggestion. You may wish to post the other part separately (note our suggestion guidelines indicate to only describe one suggestion, since we cannot track multiple suggestions in the same submission separately).

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