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Categories 3D
Created by Zzk
Created on Jan 31, 2022

3D Shape: Billboard (for angled top down games)

A comprehensive description: To add a 3D Shape with a single face and that always face the camera.

It solves a real problem / It covers alternatives and workarounds: The existing way of making 3D Billboards with other shapes is hacky, it adds a number of "every tick" + angle complexities that are far from clean.

Also, due to the rotate angle limitation of 3d shapes, the billboards are never quite right (specially for "angled top down" and isometric views).

This would drastically reduce the amount of code/events needed to make 2.5D / 3D games and it would make it possible to make "angled top down" and isometric games (which are currently impossible to make with the 3d shapes).

I tried using prisms and wedges to make angled billboards for a angled top down game but it was a disaster: Due to Z size differences+transparency+distance draw order, it caused all sorts of visual glitches)

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  • Delgado
    Oct 24, 2022

    Maybe just Ashley add posibility to make 3d bilboard from sprite? Because sprite already have all (animations, imagepoints etc)

  • Admin
    Ashley Gullen
    Apr 27, 2022

    While it might sound like a simpler kind of 3D, the fact they always face the camera means they can have 3D rotation relative to the rest of the layout. Handling that in the engine amounts to supporting 3D rotation, which is extremely complicated (see: quaternions). So I'm not sure this is much easier than full 3D rotation.

  • alastair jack
    Mar 19, 2022

    a 3DBillboard object would be great, since the 3Dshape doesn't work as well as a sprite with Mesh, at least when it comes to transparency issues.

  • Guest
    Feb 3, 2022

    For my suggestion for that kind of feature I see it as: "filter for objects to change angle around X axis". It will allow us to keep all features of sprites, text etc. and make scene clear from unnessary objects. That filter even could had toggle button for auto-facing the camera.

    I guess it may have one issue: since it will be just visual effect, so collision mask will be at same position at XY axis. But you just have to edit that mask to a single line on bottom of every frame so it will trigger correctly.

    So it will be handy as for Doom-like FPS and Zelda: A Link Between Worlds-like view.

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