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Categories Behaviors
Created by Claudiu Vulturar
Created on Nov 1, 2021

Audio Behavior

When having lots of objects in a scene like plants, platforms, waterfalls, enemies, etc... and I want a different sound attached on each, and different volume or distance volume, I think it would be an easy way to just add this behavior to them and modify the parameters as needed:

Play at start: Yes/No

Audio file: ExplosionEffect1

Loop: Loop/Play Once

Volume: 0

Min Distance: 100

Max Distance: 300

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  • Chris
    Feb 2, 2022

    This would be very nice for objects that play a sound once when created (which would lead to less events), and for looping environment/ambient sounds like a campfire, waterfall, city noises, etc that fade in/out as the player walks around the world. I hope they consider this even if we can't set min/max distance on a per object basis.

  • Tomasz Tekień
    Nov 21, 2021
    It would be nice to have an audio object with visible zones. One zone would be the attenuation where audio changes from silence to target volume when player approaches the center or the opposite when going away. The second, inner zone would be the fixed volume area. It could spread along as wide as neccessary. Right now audio is considered as point, which is limiting. Visual indication of zones would be nice.
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