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Get animation list

Please add a posibility to get the list of animations in a sprite. Why do I need it? For example, I want to select a random animation given a list of all animations: const sprite = runtime.objects.Sprite.getFirstInstance(); const animationL...
Wilson Percival about 1 year ago in Scripting 0

Add the `Is ignoring` condition

Currently, only exists the ' Start/Stop ignoring user input ', It is very helpful in many times. However, when I want to judge whether it is user input is ignoring , I have to add an extra variable to judge, which is very tedious. A simple example...
Guest over 1 year ago in Behaviors 0

Audio Behavior

When having lots of objects in a scene like plants, platforms, waterfalls, enemies, etc... and I want a different sound attached on each, and different volume or distance volume, I think it would be an easy way to just add this behavior to them an...
Claudiu Vulturar over 1 year ago in Behaviors 2

Organizable Project Item Tabs | Layouts, E.S, Objects, Families, Variables, Music etc.

Currently its unnecessarily hard to navigate through project bar for a large game. If i am in objects list and i have to go to a layout, i have to scroll up a lot and then the object i selected before gets unselected. If i have to go back and fort...
Shubham 12 months ago in Editor 1

"Slow loading" option for loader layout

Construct loads layouts very quickly, but this unfortunately results in the game stuttering for a few frames. On PC, this isn’t really noticeable, but on mobile devices like the iPhone 11 the loader layout stutters (in my case) for around 2 second...
Guest 5 months ago in Runtime 0

Customisable visual quality

Visual quality customisation. Some devices are lower-end, especially mobile devices. But if you optimise games for those devices, higher end devices will be stuck with a lower quality game, and vice versa. Actions for events toggling vsync, changi...
Ethan Scott 8 months ago in Effects 0

Rotate View Tool in the editor

Currently, C3 already supports simple 3D views, but from 2D top-down. You have to press the space bar, drag the layout area, and use the scroll wheel to preview the screen at a specific Angle.It's not very convenient. So, if can add a shortcut key...
Guest over 1 year ago in Editor 1

Better handle of errors in AJAX

Would be perfect if AJAX cand handle errors, (Exception error). Because at this time AJAX doesn't return a response if there's an error. And in most of cases the error message comes inside the response, or minimun to add the function to detect and...
Guest 6 months ago in Plugins 0

Add support for world_position as uniform for effects - enable 3D lights!

For the new 3D feature set of C3, we can make the visuals even better with interesting 3D focused effects/shaders. For example I have made a simple constrained lighting shader that uses the new depth texture to create normals to the view camera. F...
Mikal Dev over 1 year ago in 3D 0

Addition to the save/load system

There are a few things I would love to see in the saving/loading system:1. Check if a save slot exists by name.2. Delete a save slot by name.3. Read save slot data without loading the state. So I can parse the json and read data about the slot to ...
Guest 9 months ago in Runtime 0