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Search for words in the event editor

The current search for event editor is not able to find events accurately. It's very limited since it requires finding an exact string match, making it almost impossible to find what you want to find much of the time, especially in a timely manner...
alastair jack about 1 year ago in Editor 0

Store NWjs Export Options in Project

As it is, Construct 3 stores this in the browser local storage, but you can only alter it if you make a new export. It also is a problem if I reset my browser to default or erase the local data because command line options are lost and this ended ...
Mike Crain over 1 year ago in Editor 0

Action for letterbox color change

I suggest an action for the event sheet that will let users dynamically change the color of the letterbox to match their game, layout, or mood etc. Some examples include: A grassy outdoor layout can have a green letterbox An interior layout can ha...
kikiki nununu over 1 year ago in Effects 1

Array YIndexOf

The expression IndexOf is really handy, but only works for X axis searches. It means that arrays not built a certain way can't use the IndexOf/LastIndexOf expressions. Ideally there's a YIndexOf expression that makes the same search on the Y(0) ax...
Guest over 1 year ago in Editor 0

Allow expressions to access Text's Color property

Please allow accessing Text.Color from expressions. If I have 4 players, each player has a unique color, and the color is used all around the UI. Instead of storing each color in R,G,B variables, I can set the color in the Text, and then use TextN...
A A over 1 year ago in Plugins 0

Disable Effects of Specific Objects

It would be nice if we could disable effects of objects in the editor and then they are also off when the object is created during runtime. Right now it's kind of backwards that I have to disable effects to objects when they're created that should...
Mike Crain over 1 year ago in Effects 0

Missing Features - Advanced Random

There is no way to detect how many entry we have in probability table.
Game Over almost 2 years ago in Plugins 0

View and select object's children and parents in debug mode

Currently there seems to be no way to clearly track objects' hierarchy relationships. This suggestion would be that in debug mode, when an object is selected in the inspector, show information related to its hierarchy similarly to how an object's ...
Wisp Green almost 2 years ago in Debugger 0

Lock/Unlock Multiplayer Room

Currently, multiplayer rooms can only be locked if they're "full" (at the max peer count). But there are many instances where the host would want to lock a room with fewer players. For example, starting a game with three players, despite the max p...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Plugins 0