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hide/unhide ui bars (properties bar, project bar)

give us option to hide and unhide properties bar, project bars etc. this feature is usefull when we are working on small screens like laptops, why we need this when we work on events sheet then usually we dont use those bars and these bar covers b...
Lucky Rawat about 1 year ago in Editor 0

array deque expression

Add a array.deque expression for using array as a simple FIFO queue. This would be same as and popping the front. Or it could be a different implementation, like array.take(x) which would give the specified value and delete the collumn.
Federico C about 1 year ago in Plugins 2 Will not implement

Setting for Preview button default

It's convenient being able to quickly click the preview button to test your game. However! This button uses "Preview Layout" and 99.9% of the time this is not the preview option I want to use! Therefore, s...
alastair jack about 1 year ago in Editor 5

Clicking multiple times on a stack of overlapping objects should select "buried" objects

It can be difficult or impossible to directly-select object instances in the Layout viewport that are "buried" under other instances, especially when there are quite a few things overlapping. The Z Order window can be used, but with lots of instan...
Scoremonger about 1 year ago in Editor 3 Already exists

get week number of year

in the date plugin there should a way to get week number for example 10 Aug is week 32
Lucky Rawat about 1 year ago in Plugins 0

Typewritter text and Start timer asynchronous actions

Add the Typewriter text and Start timer actions in the Timer behavior to be asynchronous.
Wilson Percival about 1 year ago in Runtime 0

Option to apply a behavior's values to all instances.

Hello, Sometimes I change the values of an instance then I want to apply it to other instances. I suggest adding a right-click menu for behaviors; to allow for the following scenario: Change the values of a behavior of an instance. Select the inst...
A A about 1 year ago in Editor 0 Already exists

Allow Viewport/Layout option for Destroy Outside of Layout

Sometimes on big screens, the viewport is larger than the layout. When the objects are spawned outside the layout, they actually pop-up on the screen ;because the viewport is big and shows parts from outside the layout. The suggestion is to add an...
A A about 1 year ago in Behaviors 0

Allow Enable property for Destroy Outside of Layout

Sometimes it is needed to spawn an object outside the layout (and use Bullet to let it enter the layout), but then DestroyOutsideOfLayout destroys it right at the spawn! Please allow us to Enable/Disable the behavior. The use case is that: Disable...
A A about 1 year ago in Behaviors 0

Edit (external) arrays at runtime

Guest about 1 year ago in Editor 0 Already exists