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Multiplayer :Add more data to the "get room list" action

Get a ping when doing the "get room list" or "get game instance list" so you can know if the connection will be good or not there is currently no way to know if the connection to any lobby will be good or not being able to choose a high quality ho...
EleanorjMorel about 2 years ago in Plugins 0

The initial Angle of the bullet

Added "Initial Angle" property to bullet behavior. Currently, the initial Angle of the bullet's behavior, default is 0°, which means that it is always flying to the right. The Angle of motion must be adjusted manually in the event after creation. ...
Guest about 2 years ago in Behaviors 2 Already exists

TextInput object "Placeholder" and "Tooltip" expressions

Hey guys, I'm guessing this shouldn't take long to implement: I'd like to have an expression for TextInput objects called Placeholder which simply returns the current value of the Placeholder property. And the same goes for Tooltip too. There's a ...
Bence Fodor 9 months ago in Plugins 0


XHXIAIEIN 11 months ago in Runtime 0

Behaiviors in Element HTML

An Element HTML is always a new side from the game, could be an access to create new functions in the game. Put all the Behaiviors into a Element HTML. Like Movement, Round and everything. Now you can use it but dont work.
Guest 11 months ago in Behaviors 0

Get real unix timestamp

We can get device time very easily, but it would be nice to have the real unix timestamp. So we can know what the real time is. Maybe could be a page like, and all it contains is the unix time text, and then we can load tha...
alastair jack 11 months ago in  0

Reset all layers/layouts state to project's default

When I want to start a new game after a previous one was loaded, I can clean dictionaries and arrays, reset persisted objects and globals.But layers/layout states cannot be reset. Resetting the global time expression to 0 would also be nice to hav...
Guest 11 months ago in Runtime 0

drag the zip of local project into C3 to open the project

Let's be more lazy! I have downloaded a zip file with local project I wish I could just drag it into C3 open it without unpacking and open the local project through and select the folder. No, it'...
XHXIAIEIN 12 months ago in Runtime 0

Allow sub-layers to inherit the Global status of the parent (and other properties too)

Currently I was required to make a global UI for the game. It had a lot of windows and buttons...etc, each had to be sorted in a specific way relative to the others. I made a parent "UI" layer, and many sublayers. Then realized I cannot set all th...
A A 12 months ago in Editor 0

Clearing save slots

The ability to remove a specified save slot through the game, and when loading that save slot, starting the game fresh. Removing a slot's save data and after loading the cleared save slot, starting the game as if loading the game from a fresh inst...
Ethan Scott 12 months ago in Behaviors 0