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This suggestions platform is now closed and will be shut down on March 1st 2024.

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Multiplayer: non obfuscated and commented signalling server

A non obfuscated signalling server with commented code could allow us to more easily modify it, adding features like sending messages to discord, accepting non-multiplayer plugin websockets connections for non-realtime game communication between p...
EleanorjMorel almost 3 years ago in Plugins 0 Will not implement

Map reveal based on line of sight

I'd love to see a map reveal feature (fog of war style) but I envision something that accounts for walls/line of sight. It would look similar to Noita's ( except that it would allow for more ...
igorholi over 1 year ago in Plugins 2

Animation Signals/Events

There are times When you have a need to run some logic that needs to be in sync with an animation. such as to time attacks in a complex multi-attack animation or some other trigger that needs to occur in the middle of the animation. Right Now the ...
armando alonso about 2 years ago in Editor 2

more events in the free version?

i really want to finish my game but i don't have enough money to buy the full version and i use the free version and i have no events remaining. so is it possible for the free version to have 100 events instead of 40 because 40 isn't enough :( and...
:3 10 months ago in Scripting 0

Local storage upgrade

Hello there! I wanted to make a great game with being able to save lots of data in local storage, but here is the thing, you cannot add or subtract from any key or define their initial value, and you cannot choose if it is a string or an in...
Pro23 TheGreat 5 months ago in Plugins 0

Get animation list

Please add a posibility to get the list of animations in a sprite. Why do I need it? For example, I want to select a random animation given a list of all animations: const sprite = runtime.objects.Sprite.getFirstInstance(); const animationL...
Wilson Percival almost 2 years ago in Scripting 0

Undo / Redo — Highlight Events & Actions

Using the undo / redo command in events-heavy projects can be confusing as it's quite hard to keep track of what exact event or action was affected. For that reason, it would be great to see a subtle highlight effect that puts user's focus on the ...
Joseph Stalin over 1 year ago in Editor 0

Add ability to (Write & Read) directly into the Devices instead of (Local Storage)

Gives the ability to (Write and Read) into the devices like mobiles, PC, etc..... this will make it easier to Make Updates from our servers into the Games when we need to add new Levels etc.... at the moment we can only save them into Local storag...
tarek2 about 2 years ago in Plugins 3

I want to make it so pasting an event sheet to a new project adds every missing object to the game.

When I create a new game, it's mainly on a similar topic to an older game so I want to paste layouts from there to the game. The problem with this is that pasting the layout adds every object in the layout, so why not add every object that has an ...
Guest 6 months ago in Editor 0

Schedule next Play action should support music

Why schedule music? Working together with several music composers in the past I have always found that their preferred way of of exporting files is via a separate 'intro' and 'loop' file. This is currently impossible to implement. Even in the live...
Richard Lems over 2 years ago in Runtime 1