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Remember active layer and automatically select it when returning to this layout, prevent placing objects on locked layers

Every time I open a project, active layers in all layouts are reset to the topmost layer. Very often it's a global layer like HUD or FADE, which is locked and invisible to prevent accidental changes to it. However if I forget to check which layer ...
dop2000 7 months ago in Editor 0

Animation Signals/Events

There are times When you have a need to run some logic that needs to be in sync with an animation. such as to time attacks in a complex multi-attack animation or some other trigger that needs to occur in the middle of the animation. Right Now the ...
armando alonso about 1 year ago in Editor 2

The Sprite Shape - Make a new generation of games using Construct 3

A comprehensive description: Since being using Construct 2, it has always been hard for an artist to design good-looking levels using as few objects as possible. Today, with the options offered by Construct3, we are limited on using sprite, tiled ...
Feder Ribis over 1 year ago in Editor 0

"Apply to folder" option in Animation Editor for image points, collision polygons etc.

Similar to "Apply to whole animation" and "Apply to all animations" can we have "Apply to folder" option? This will make the job of editing complex sprites much easier. I have sprites with hundreds of animations, organized in folders. Every time I...
dop2000 7 months ago in Editor 0

Multiplayer: non obfuscated and commented signalling server

A non obfuscated signalling server with commented code could allow us to more easily modify it, adding features like sending messages to discord, accepting non-multiplayer plugin websockets connections for non-realtime game communication between p...
EleanorjMorel almost 2 years ago in Plugins 0 Will not implement

QoL improvements for Text: Auto Resize

Add an 'Auto Resize' dropdown option to the Text Perperties. (please provide in the eventsheet as well) None keep current design Width Automatic width, fixed height. Ignore Wrapping unless manual. Automatically adjust the width of Tex...
Guest 7 months ago in Runtime 0

Add ability to (Write & Read) directly into the Devices instead of (Local Storage)

Gives the ability to (Write and Read) into the devices like mobiles, PC, etc..... this will make it easier to Make Updates from our servers into the Games when we need to add new Levels etc.... at the moment we can only save them into Local storag...
tarek2 over 1 year ago in Plugins 3

Tabs with Layout and Event Sheet Icons

Reason: In the tabs, It's hard to find which one is an event sheet and which one is a layout without clicking them to check. Request: It would be great to see layouts and event sheets with the icons next to the name in the tab like in the Project ...
Ahmet Baykara 6 months ago in Editor 0

Directly add/edit/find reference of Variables from Property View

Edit/Add/Delete/Find all References for Instance Variables directly from Properties View How to get rid of the bad Instance Variables Pop-Up Windows When Right-Clicking the row corresponding to any instance variable/Behavior (or family instance va...
Overboy 12 months ago in Editor 5

Schedule next Play action should support music

Why schedule music? Working together with several music composers in the past I have always found that their preferred way of of exporting files is via a separate 'intro' and 'loop' file. This is currently impossible to implement. Even in the live...
Richard Lems over 1 year ago in Runtime 1