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3d Gizmos for 3d Objects and 3d Camera Control on Editor

It would be useful to navigate the editor in 3d, instead of guessing where everything must go in 2d the view.
Fe Angelo over 1 year ago in 3D 5

Smart alignment

Just like Photoshop smart alignment.When dragging an object in the editor, it can be automatically snapped to the boundary of another object. 1. Object's collision box boundary 2. Snap the space between 2 objects 3. The center of the viewport 4. T...
Guest over 1 year ago in Editor 0

Undo / Redo — Highlight Events & Actions

Using the undo / redo command in events-heavy projects can be confusing as it's quite hard to keep track of what exact event or action was affected. For that reason, it would be great to see a subtle highlight effect that puts user's focus on the ...
Joseph Stalin 9 months ago in Editor 0

Merge the same behavior

Currently, if an instance object has more than one of the same behaviors(Timer, Tween...), it will very scary to modify in the action event list. I recommend merging them. Add an option to choose which behavior. For example, when I The Sine 'Set e...
Guest over 1 year ago in Behaviors 3

Smooth Pixel Art Sampling Mode

This is a suggestion that has been made by various people in the past. Reposting it here as it is still very relevant. Creating clean looking pixel art, scaling it or zooming it is not at it's best visual quality without it. It would be great as a...
Rory S almost 2 years ago in Runtime 1

New features for Steam Greenworks "Leaderboard"

I have been trying to improve my already released projects on steam, but the official plugin is extremely limited, being possible only to unlock achievement, collect some user info and activate, check steam overlay. It would be extremely important...
Frederico Oliveira about 1 year ago in Plugins 4

(Undo/Redo) Actions (Show Reference like "Event Sheet Name" & "Event Number")

It happened many times that I been distracted and come back to the C3 editor and I didn't know what I added or modified last as it shows me that the save option is available but I'm not sure if to save because of the lack that I cannot remember if...
tarek2 almost 2 years ago in Editor 0

Hide function parameters

Being able to hide function parameters to reduce the event block size and increase readability. This could be done by checking an option in the editor settings. Once hidden, the function parameters are only displayed when the current event block i...
Nabu 7 months ago in Editor 2

JSON Enhancements (Better Loops, Ordered Loops and Better Path Expression)

JSON is the most powerful way to manipulate data and allow us to workaround a lot of limitations of Eventsheets. However there a few things making it painful and sometimes inefficient to use, no matter what you do it ends up being really tedious b...
Overboy 6 months ago in Plugins 0

prewarm/preprocess particles

Often you want to create particles emitters with the particles already spawned and after one cycle. This is useful in for example: it should be heavily snowing in the level. Without prewarming the level would always start without snow and only slo...
Federico C 9 months ago in Behaviors 1