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Please add Object.X(layer) and Object.Y(layer) expressions

Similar to Mouse.X(layer) or Touch.X("layerName"), these expressions will convert object coordinates to another layer. This would be very useful for objects like a cursor sprite, which may be controlled with a gamepad or some other input method. T...
dop2000 8 months ago in Runtime 0

Unique Project IDs (for education)

.c3p files should contain a unique project ID that is generated with each new project. For example, if a .c3p is copied in Windows it should have the same unique project ID as the original file, but if a new file is created directly in the editor ...
Guest 19 days ago in Editor 0

Expressions for effect parameters

There are no options for getting an effect parameter at runtime. I can set them via events, but there is no expression like Sprite.effect("AdjustHSL").parameter(0) to get the currently set effect parameter. So setting an effects parameter to "para...
Wacky Toaster 11 months ago in Effects 0

Add multiple tags for audio

The tween behavior already has an awesome tag system that allows using multiple tags.This system would be really useful to have for audio as well (and other features that use tags if the overhead is not too large). For audio it's extremely importa...
Federico C 10 months ago in  0

Framerate caps.

Some games would really benefit from an option to cap framerates, either for stylistic purposes or for massive games that aren't performing well on lower-end devices. (Mobile being the worst of course). Sometimes there's only so much optimisation ...
Guest 11 months ago in Runtime 1

3D Shapes: Rotate Angle on all Three Axes

Currently, there is only one 'Angle' property that can be rotated, which makes sense coming from a 2D legacy. Now that we have 3D Shapes, it would be great to be able to rotate on all three axes instead of just one - see image attached. This would...
Melburnian over 1 year ago in 3D 3

Possibility import .obj files

Hi , would be nice if c3 users import .obj files into construct 3 , as a new 3D feature .
Rafael trigo over 1 year ago in 3D 0

Vertex Lighting

A lighting system for the 3D capabilities would really be a nice touch. Working by dropping "lightbulbs" into the scene and setting the layout brightness. I imagine vertex lighting would be the most ideal for performance.
Guest about 1 year ago in 3D 2

Map reveal based on line of sight

I'd love to see a map reveal feature (fog of war style) but I envision something that accounts for walls/line of sight. It would look similar to Noita's ( except that it would allow for more ...
igorholi 9 months ago in Plugins 2

MeshPointX/Y/ZAt(column, row) expression

I need to get the position of mesh points. Here is what I am trying to do: I want to create sprites with meshes, model them into certain shapes in the editor and apply some slight random offsets to the mesh points in code to provide some random va...
Tacker Tacker about 1 year ago in 3D 2