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Behavior that makes only the variables of a sprite Globals

The same as the behavior Persist but that works only for the variables of the sprite and not on it's position and scale. This may help with updates for games: Example: You have an upgrade system for your game with a menu and some sprites pinned to...
Guest about 1 year ago in Behaviors 0

Add tagging to MoveTo behavior

This is a simple one: Let us add tags to the MoveTo behavior, so that we can easily detect when a specific MoveTo action has completed. This would be useful in situations in which the same object might have several MoveTo actions depending on the ...
Antti Perälä about 1 year ago in Behaviors 0

Platform has wall to Both

Current, the Platform Condition 'Is by wall' the Side method is only left or right. I hope to add 'both' to another way, i can test 2 sides at the same time. I don't need to use 'Or' to add 2 conditions. Platform has wall to LeftOR Platform has wa...
Guest over 1 year ago in Behaviors 1

Allow Particle objects to interact with other objects (collisions/physics)

I tried using a sprite and a family of sprites as particle object but it didnt work. I tried to let particles fall on a sprite with the Solid behavior or let them slide down slopes etc. It would be very nice if you could physics/collisions for par...
Alexander Spielvogel over 1 year ago in Behaviors 0

Pin Behavior - Recognize each object as unique

So if I have a number of Sprites (equals) and make each of them spawn another object like a particle, on start of layout, each sprite will spawn it's own particle, but if I add an action for the particles to be Pinned to the object of origin, the ...
Guest over 1 year ago in Behaviors 0

Action for 8Direction behavior

I would like to request an action for 8Direction behavior. If I add this behavior to a sprite, in the Properties bar I can find "Directions" parameter, and I can choose one from those 4 types. I would like to be able to change them in the event sy...
Claudiu Vulturar over 1 year ago in Behaviors 0

Turret detect based on Edge, not only Origin

Currently, Turrets measure the distance based on object origin. But if we have a large target and small range (i.e. the range is smaller than the distance from the target's edge to the taget's origin), the object has to overlap the target to reach...
A A almost 2 years ago in Behaviors 0

Platformer - has wall with offset

It would be nice if we could check in the Platformer Behavior if there's a wall with an offset, so we can be a little more forgiving when implementing wall jumps.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Behaviors 0

Modify family sprites behavior settings

I want to propouse change the family sprits behavior first settings or default, cause i cant do it. It could be great disable all by default. You can do it one by one but not in the familiy sprite setup. Thanks a lot
Guest almost 2 years ago in Behaviors 0

Pin/child inherit visibility

It would be cool if in addition to X,Y,Angle and Z Elevation you could inherit the pinned to objects current visibility status. This would also be nice in Parent/Child inheritance too.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Behaviors 0