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Construct 3 suggestions 21H2 - ARCHIVED

This suggestions platform is now closed and will be shut down on March 1st 2024.

Please ensure any content you care about is backed up before that date.

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Reintegrate UWP and Xbox compatibility using the WebView2 Control

Hey there! Since the old UWP export is deprecated, I was wondering if there would be a new UWP export which might run on the new Microsoft Edge WebView2 control. This would offer numerous benefits over the old one (such as WebRTC support and WebGL...
Faraaz Jan over 2 years ago in Publishing 2

Support for Google Play Asset Delivery using Android App Bundle

"Play Asset Delivery (PAD) brings the benefits of app bundles to games. It allows games larger than 150MB to replace legacy expansion files (OBBs) by publishing a single artifact to Play containing all the resources the game needs." This was taken...
Vadim Popov about 2 years ago in Publishing 1

Basically add a personal construct cloud so it saves your data instead of onedrive.

I just had a incident where my dog at my USB . That USB contained all the games I had made, and One Drive had decided to stop working on my old pc. So that made it bad right you would think to just get it off the old pc? No because I reset my pc t...
Guest about 1 year ago in Publishing 0

provide export to microsoft store

hello i am a game dev, and my problem is that i can't publish my game to microsoft store. can you make a feature to export to microsoft store
Guest 7 months ago in Publishing 0

Cancel Build | Multiple Builds

While building a game, there is currently no way of stopping it mid-way. It happens that you remember a change right after clicking on build. And currently you have to wait until the build completes before starting new. This could be time-wasting ...
Shubham over 1 year ago in Publishing 0

Remember Export options for each project

Things like require vibrate permission are not required for every project and sometimes if I build a project I forget to set the required options or set the wrong ones, if you switch between multiple projects. It would be useful if export dialog w...
Alexander Spielvogel almost 2 years ago in Publishing 0

Allow hiding/disabling of maximize button for NW.js exports

You can currently disable resizing of the game window when exporting with NW.js on Construct 3. You can both dynamically enable/disable window resizing during runtime with the NW.js plugin, as well as disable it from the start of runtime by tickin...
Guest over 2 years ago in Publishing 0

Save in the cloud with google play games services

Construct supports play game services, but does not support cloud saves and that is a limitation. I don't understand why they haven't added it yet, I hope they take it into account and add it, thanks in advance
Guest about 1 year ago in Publishing 0

Add 'Disable offline cache' when export HTML5

I always delete sw.js and offline.js after export for HTML5 to make sure game always new version when user open the game. I already try to make 'updating ingame' for update game, but sometimes game not detected that new version. So im just want my...
Guest over 1 year ago in Publishing 0

Higher resoltion compatability

My laptop is pretty low resolution (1366 x 768, the game is 1280 x 720), and just under a year ago, I started working on a game project. I gathered some playtesters to help out, but I've noticed that on higher resolutions, there is some tearing. N...
Guest over 1 year ago in Publishing 0 Already exists