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Construct 3 suggestions 21H2 - ARCHIVED

This suggestions platform is now closed and will be shut down on March 1st 2024.

Please ensure any content you care about is backed up before that date.

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Uphraded free editon in editor

So that people with free edition can access what they need for games. Just some minor changes like unlimited effects, being able to change load screen, and maybe like 75 lines of code
Guest 12 days ago in Editor 0

Prefabs in the editor

Scene graph has introduced a very cool new feature that took a few steps towards prefab (or template/component) objects. We can now create hierarchies at runtime, and this is great. There are 2 main caveats however: 1 - If an object type has two h...
skymen over 2 years ago in Editor 8 In development

Hierarchy View

Add a new "Hierarchy View" Bar ( see mockup picture ) (can be activated in Menu > View > Bars) Right now the workflow of Hierarchies in the editor is pretty bad UX, it's pretty hard to remember which object is the parent based on the arrows,...
Overboy almost 2 years ago in Editor 0

(Undo/Redo) Actions (Show Reference like "Event Sheet Name" & "Event Number")

It happened many times that I been distracted and come back to the C3 editor and I didn't know what I added or modified last as it shows me that the save option is available but I'm not sure if to save because of the lack that I cannot remember if...
tarek2 over 2 years ago in Editor 0

Smart alignment

Just like Photoshop smart alignment.When dragging an object in the editor, it can be automatically snapped to the boundary of another object. 1. Object's collision box boundary 2. Snap the space between 2 objects 3. The center of the viewport 4. T...
Guest about 2 years ago in Editor 0

I want to make it so pasting an event sheet to a new project adds every missing object to the game.

When I create a new game, it's mainly on a similar topic to an older game so I want to paste layouts from there to the game. The problem with this is that pasting the layout adds every object in the layout, so why not add every object that has an ...
Guest 4 months ago in Editor 0

The Sprite Shape - Make a new generation of games using Construct 3

A comprehensive description: Since being using Construct 2, it has always been hard for an artist to design good-looking levels using as few objects as possible. Today, with the options offered by Construct3, we are limited on using sprite, tiled ...
Feder Ribis over 2 years ago in Editor 0

Animation Signals/Events

There are times When you have a need to run some logic that needs to be in sync with an animation. such as to time attacks in a complex multi-attack animation or some other trigger that needs to occur in the middle of the animation. Right Now the ...
armando alonso almost 2 years ago in Editor 2

Undo / Redo — Highlight Events & Actions

Using the undo / redo command in events-heavy projects can be confusing as it's quite hard to keep track of what exact event or action was affected. For that reason, it would be great to see a subtle highlight effect that puts user's focus on the ...
Joseph Stalin over 1 year ago in Editor 0

Rotate View Tool in the editor

Currently, C3 already supports simple 3D views, but from 2D top-down. You have to press the space bar, drag the layout area, and use the scroll wheel to preview the screen at a specific Angle.It's not very convenient. So, if can add a shortcut key...
Guest over 2 years ago in Editor 1