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Construct 3 suggestions 21H2

Submit and vote on suggestions for Construct 3! This suggestions platform will be open for the second half of 2021 and is planned to be archived and replaced with a new platform in early 2022. Learn more

NOTE: please refer to the suggestion guidelines in this forum post. Your suggestions may be declined if they do not meet the guidelines, such as if they are too vague or don't appear to be necessary. Suggestions are not guaranteed to be implemented even if they are top-voted ideas; the aim is just to collect feedback. See the suggestion guidelines for more details.



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Add Particles plugin API in scripting

The Particles plugin API is missing in scripting. There should be an IParticlesInstance that exposes methods and properties for setting the plugin's configuration dynamically.
Ramtin Soltani about 18 hours ago in Scripting 0

Add Anchor behavior API in scripting

The Anchor behavior does not have a scripting API. There should be an IAnchorBehaviorInstance class that exposes methods for setting the Enabled state of the behavior.
Ramtin Soltani about 18 hours ago in Scripting 0

3D Camera Viewport

The problem The layout editor doesn't have any 3D Camera options beyond the Vanishing Point. It makes it extremely hard to work with anything 3D related. Because changing the projection in-editor means changing the entire editor viewport, which ...
Everade 20 days ago in 3D 0

Optional function parameters and better default values

There are frequently situations where all function parameters are not needed, it can be annoying to specify each one and it clutters workflow. As an example, imagine a money formatting function with the parameters (money, symbol). Money is require...
ReflextionsDev 12 days ago in Plugins 0

Add Solid behavior API in scripting

Currently there's no way to configure Solid behavior of objects dynamically through scripting. The idea is to define an interface (e.g. ISolidBehaviorInstance) that exposes methods for setting the solid state (enabled/disabled) and to also manage ...
Ramtin Soltani 8 days ago in Scripting 0

Organizable Project Item Tabs | Layouts, E.S, Objects, Families, Variables, Music etc.

Currently its unnecessarily hard to navigate through project bar for a large game. If i am in objects list and i have to go to a layout, i have to scroll up a lot and then the object i selected before gets unselected. If i have to go back and fort...
Shubham 24 days ago in Editor 1

Hierarchy support for tilemaps

Tilemap is the only basic object type which doesn't support hierarchy. I assume the reason why it was omitted was that syncing properties like angle/width/height is not be possible for tilemaps. If this is the case, these checkboxes may be permane...
dop2000 2 months ago in Runtime 1

[Hierarchy] Child Anchored to Parent (1 feature to enable full user-friendly UI system)

Regarding the recent discussion about UI in C3, I think one thing to add, that would solve many many issues in a elegant and relatively easy way to implement for Scirra is : 1. A new "Anchored Position" dropdown list option for Hierarchy feature (...
Overboy about 2 months ago in Editor 3

New "Scrolling" Pixelate Effect (solving the issue of mixing Pixel Perfect & Smoothness for good)

A New "Scrolling" Pixelate Effect The only thing we would need to achieve a nice mix of Pixel Perfect & Smoothness within the same project is a new Pixellate Effect but that would "scroll" accordingly to the Layer's position on the viewport an...
Overboy about 2 months ago in Effects 0

Compare Time - Action: "Reset Time" (e.g. if time=4 Then Reset the time, Time=0)

Hi there, I think that this option should be there to enable people to create events which are controlled with time. Currently, you don't have an option to reset the time. When a developer add a Compare Time Event the following action doesn't exis...
Guest 5 months ago in Scripting 2 Already exists