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3D Camera Viewport

The problem The layout editor doesn't have any 3D Camera options beyond the Vanishing Point. It makes it extremely hard to work with anything 3D related. Because changing the projection in-editor means changing the entire editor viewport, which ...
Everade over 1 year ago in 3D 3

Advanced physics behavior with particles like Google Liquidfun library

The need Gives C3 a powerful particle behavior plugin able to give the developers to create liquid or water like effects on desktop or mobile devices. Why we need it Colludium (a well known developer in the C3 community) started to develop a great...
Riccardo Raffo 12 months ago in Behaviors 1

Improve 3d

I want to make simple 3d games in construct 3. But the current 3d version is terrible. I suggest adding more basic/simple shapes like: ball, cylinder, cone, more triangles. Also, the ability to rotate 3d objects along all three axes of XYZ coordin...
Guest 10 months ago in 3D 3

Compare Time - Action: "Reset Time" (e.g. if time=4 Then Reset the time, Time=0)

Hi there, I think that this option should be there to enable people to create events which are controlled with time. Currently, you don't have an option to reset the time. When a developer add a Compare Time Event the following action doesn't exis...
Guest over 1 year ago in Scripting 2 Already exists

Prefabs in the editor

Scene graph has introduced a very cool new feature that took a few steps towards prefab (or template/component) objects. We can now create hierarchies at runtime, and this is great. There are 2 main caveats however: 1 - If an object type has two h...
skymen about 2 years ago in Editor 8 In development

'this' command

When I add a script to the action part of any object, it would be very nice if I could access that object with the "this" command.For example "alert(this.instance_variable);"
Guest 16 days ago in Scripting 0

3D Shape: Billboard (for angled top down games)

A comprehensive description: To add a 3D Shape with a single face and that always face the camera. It solves a real problem / It covers alternatives and workarounds: The existing way of making 3D Billboards with other shapes is hacky, it adds a nu...
Guest over 1 year ago in 3D 4

Keyboard status

Hello, maybe I couldn't see the feature, but there is no event that we can understand if the keyboard is open on mobile. Could you please add a development related to this?
Guest 17 days ago in Runtime 0

more events in the free version?

i really want to finish my game but i don't have enough money to buy the full version and i use the free version and i have no events remaining. so is it possible for the free version to have 100 events instead of 40 because 40 isn't enough :( and...
:3 3 months ago in Scripting 0

Create, destroy and reorder layers at runtime

I have already made two blog posts going over why this is important: I have spent a decent amoun...
skymen about 2 years ago in Runtime 3