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Construct 3 suggestions 21H2

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NOTE: please refer to the suggestion guidelines in this forum post. Your suggestions may be declined if they do not meet the guidelines, such as if they are too vague or don't appear to be necessary. Suggestions are not guaranteed to be implemented even if they are top-voted ideas; the aim is just to collect feedback. See the suggestion guidelines for more details.



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Tabs with Layout and Event Sheet Icons

Reason: In the tabs, It's hard to find which one is an event sheet and which one is a layout without clicking them to check. Request: It would be great to see layouts and event sheets with the icons next to the name in the tab like in the Project ...
Ahmet Baykara 1 day ago in Editor 0

[Properties View] Multi-Select Enhancements

Right now, Properties View is pretty limitated regarding Object Multi-Selection :Here is what it can handle so far : - If Several Instances of the same Object Type (2 instances of Sprite1 for example), all properties are shown and editable (of cou...
Overboy 3 days ago in Editor 0

Add official plug-in SDK support for CreateWorker

Add the same type of CreateWorker support from the C3 scripting API to the plug-in API. Plug-ins can also use workers to improve performance and reduce jank. For example for animation processing or loading and parsing data.
Mikal Dev 4 days ago in SDK 3

X/Y on radial blur effect

Simply add an X/Y parameter for the effect so the centre of the radial blur can be at a different area on the screen instead of forced central. This would make the effect very useful for a variety of graphical effects such as softening the edge of...
Guest 7 days ago in Effects 0

Advanced physics behavior with particles like Google Liquidfun library

The need Gives C3 a powerful particle behavior plugin able to give the developers to create liquid or water like effects on desktop or mobile devices. Why we need it Colludium (a well known developer in the C3 community) started to develop a great...
Riccardo Raffo 2 months ago in Behaviors 1

[Hierarchy Common Condition] New "Pick [ObjectType] in Hierarchy" powerful condition

We need a new more powerful condition to pick parent/children of an Object. The Pick children/parent expression is really useful. However there is some commonly needed cases that aren't supported yet : Right now we only can pick “All”, “Top” and “...
Overboy 3 days ago in Editor 0

[Common Conditions] Is on sublayer / is on Parent Layer of {choose Layer}

Add 2 new conditions in the "ZOrder" Category of the common conditions, similar to the existing "Is on layer" condition shared by World Object Plugins. - Object is on Sublayer of {choose a Layer} - Objec is on parent Layer of {choose a Layer} It w...
Overboy 4 days ago in Editor 0

Hide function parameters

Being able to hide function parameters to reduce the event block size and increase readability. This could be done by checking an option in the editor settings. Once hidden, the function parameters are only displayed when the current event block i...
Guest 23 days ago in Editor 2

QoL improvements for Text: Auto Resize

Add an 'Auto Resize' dropdown option to the Text Perperties. (please provide in the eventsheet as well) None keep current design Width Automatic width, fixed height. Ignore Wrapping unless manual. Automatically adjust the width of Tex...
Guest 25 days ago in Runtime 0

Get Access UserMedia Video to import other APIs

This idea created when i need to access user media video for tensorflow APIs.On that case i need user media video for background image and convert that video to image data and process to tensorflow APIs (get pose) This is my post when i asking how...
Guest 11 days ago in Scripting 0